Research and development:
Adhere to the development path of products and technological innovation, continue to innovate and advance in the research and development, manufacturing, promotion and servicing of the new products. In 2012, the business development division for electric motor was established. In 2013, improved research and development, and set up an independent laboratory. In 2016, R&D team for brushless cooling fans was established. In 2018, the laboratory was certified by Geely group, and the brushless fan was fully used in SOME and domestic OEM.
Talent team:
For years, our company vision is “let our products going global”. To achi-eve this goal is inseparable from the company’s development strategic pl-anning. In terms of human resources strategy, Tianyue has cooperated with a number of university-enterprise for years. And has set up a joint indepen-dent laboratory with the Shangdong University Weihai  Branch and  Shang hai Jiaotong University Air-cooling Research Center. It has 15 staffs in desi-gn department, 6 in process department and 3 in testing center. The funct-ions cover all the tests except EMC and ELV.
R&D results:
Technology and innovation have achieved fruitful results in R&D. As of Oct 2018, the cooling fans for FAW Xiali in N5 and NBC platform were developed in 2007. 2008 to 2009, the cooling fans for 520 and 620 were developed. In 2015, developed PWM continuously variable cooling fan for Emgrand platform. In 2018, the brushless fan is fully used in SOME and domestic OEM.

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